Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Microsoft Ads

Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Microsoft Ads allows you to automatically send offline conversions for your activities generated from Microsoft paid ads. This allows you to review Microsoft advertising activities in your activity logs to correctly track all sessions from Microsoft 

Step one, find your developer token within Microsoft.  To locate your developer token go to Next select the Request Token to generate a token. If you are unable to request a token ask the administrator of your Microsoft account to create one for you.


Integration Setup

1) Navigate to Settings → Integrations →  Microsoft Advertising.

2) Enter your developer token and click Link to Microsoft.

3) You will be asked for permission to allow CallTrackingMetrics to access your Microsoft Ads account.  Select yes.

The user you use to link CallTrackingMetrics must be the same user associated with the developer token in your Microsoft account.

4) Once your account has been connected, you will be redirected to the Microsoft settings page in CTM.  Click the Ad Account ID drop-down and select the Microsoft Ads account you wish to link to this CTM account.

5) Click Save Settings.

6) In the Session Tracking section, you will need to enter the following information:

  • Conversion name: the name of the offline conversion action in Microsoft that you wish to associate with this account.
  • Conversion currency: specify the type of currency you’re using for your conversion values.  This will default to USD.
  • Conversion default value: the default dollar amount to be associated with these offline conversions.  Note that sale events use the conversion value from the activity log.

7) By default, the option to automatically send conversionis enabled.  Disabling this will stop the integration from automatically sending call information.

8) If you wish to send sale events for calls that are marked as conversions in your CTM call log, check the box labeled Send Conversions for calls marked as sales.

9) Click Save Changes.


Microsoft Call Extensions

CTM can also integrate with Microsoft’s call extensions feature.  Before you begin setup, make sure you have a tracking number in your account assigned to an off-site tracking source.  Any off-site source in your account will be valid for the integration.

1) Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Microsoft.

2) In the Call Extensions section, click Enable Call Extensions.

3) Select the tracking number you wish to associate with Microsoft call extensions in the Associated Tracking Sources field.

4) If you prefer to wait until all campaign data from Microsoft is received before sending the call data to Google Analytics, check the box labeled Delay Google Analytics Events (recommended).

5) Click Save Changes.


Each hour Microsoft will request call data from the above Tracking Source and respond back with possible attribution data for each call to the given source. When the data can be isolated with a high degree of confidence we will associate it to a phone call. This enables reporting within the call log, the reports as well as third party integrations.

Microsoft’s call extensions do not provide caller ID.  The contact information that appears in your call log for this calls may not be the caller’s actual contact information.
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