Events in Google Analytics

Events in Analytics

In this article we’re going to be covering how CallTrackingMetrics Google Analytics integrations sends events into Google Analytics.

CallTrackingMetrics sends events into Google Analytics for every inbound call, text, chat, and form.

An event in Google Analytics can be broken up into 4 main characteristics:

  • Category
  • Action
  • Label
  • Value

By default the Category will be Calls, inside of CTM there are several different ways to customize the category of an event.

By default, the Action will always be equal to the name of the tracking source.

The label is made of 4 parts:

  • The label of the tracking number, if the tracking number isn’t labeled it will report as “not set”.
  • The tracking number that was dialed.
  • Followed by whether or not this was a first time or repeat caller.
  • Lastly, the unique call identification number.
  • The default the Value refers to the total time (ring, talk, wait, and transfer time) in seconds. If you have conversion events enabled, the value will be the entered conversion amount. This can also be customize with the use of triggers.

Here are some examples of what Call events inside of Analytics could look like:

Mostly commonly the Category will be Calls, the Action will always match the tracking source, and the will be label reporting on multiple metrics, with the Value being either talk time or the call conversion amount.

To view the events in Analytics select the behaviors tab, from the behaviors tab, drop down select Events> Events Overview.

The event overview will display your top performing events in Analytics.

Hopefully these terms are starting to look familiar:

  • Category
  • Action
  • Label
  • Value

If you click into the Calls Category, it will display the total number of reported Calls.

From here you can select the action, the action will display your calls broken-out  by tracking source.

If you click into one of the event action, it will bring you to the label view for just that tracking source.

The label will display the four components of the event label.

These are the basic fields of an event in Google Analytics, however if you want to view additional information you can do that by adding secondary dimensions to your report in Analytics.Its recommend to view this data under the label view.

Remember that an event is not a conversion, to setup a call conversion you’ll need to create a goal in Analytics.

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