How does the available balance system work?

In order to start using CallTrackingMetrics, you will need to setup an available balance. This minimum available balance varies by plan type, and is your money to spend on phone numbers, phone call minutes, and any monthly fees for the service. Usage charges will all be deducted from this balance. When you first create your account, an initial balance between $35-$100 (depending on plan type) is charged to your credit card to populate your initial available balance.

To get your account near a 30-day payment cycle, we recommend that you look at your actual usage over a 30-day period and adjust your Recharge Settings to match. That way you may avoid frequent, small charges to your credit card. For example, if you use on average $2000 a month, you may want to set this to charge $2000 when the balance falls below $100.

You can update how you add funds to your available balance on the billing page within the settings menu. Our default is to recharge your balance when it falls below $15 and bring it back up to your default balance:


If the available balance falls below $0.00, your account will become inactive which means that no incoming phone calls through your tracking numbers will be processed and any tracking numbers that come up for renewal may be released. You will need to add funds to your available balance in order to reactivate your account. In some cases we will be able to reinstate any released tracking numbers once you reactivate your account, contact us for assistance on this matter via the ticket portal

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