Integrating FormReactor with Web Applications Using Zapier


Using Zapier, you can pull information from other web applications into FormReactors in your CallTrackingMetrics account. This would allow you to display leads from Facebook as form entries in your call log, for example.

Before you start:

  • Create a FormReactor in your CallTrackingMetrics account and save the form ID for later use. The form ID is a string found in the URL bar when you are viewing the form, beginning with FRT:Screen-Shot-2018-06-21-at-4.21.04-PM.png
  • Find the API keys for your account or agency.
  • Create a Zapier account.

Integration Setup

In this example,  step 2 will use webhooks for the trigger app, but you could use Facebook or any other application you wish to pull into CTM via FormReactors.

The instructions below may change as Zapier makes updates.  Please refer to their documentation for the most up-to-date instructions for making zaps.
  1. In the Zapier dashboard, click the Make a Zap! button in the top right.
  2. Choose a Trigger App → Webhooks
    • Select Webhooks by Zapier Trigger → Catch Hook
    • Set up Webhooks by Zapier Hook → click continue
    • Test Webhooks by Zapier → send a get or post or whatever you desire to the customer webhook URL it generated for you. The URL probably starts with  You can choose between URL encoded or JSON based on your preference.
      • Suggested details to transfer: caller_name, country_code, phone_number (required), email, visitor_sid, callback_number, any custom fields you may have defined.
        • You can find the Custom Fields you have created in CTM by navigating to Settings > Custom Fields. Note, the API name for custom fields will be in the following format:
          • Field Name: Test Custom Field
          • API Name: test_custom_field
          • Screenshot 2024-03-20 at 11.02.47 AM.png
      • See this page for details on what the CTM FormReactor can accept from other applications.
    • After sending the request (which should return a successful response), click OK, I did this and wait. Eventually, it will turn green and say Test Successful.
  3. Choose an Action App → Webhooks
    • Select Webhooks by Zapier Action → POST
    • Set up Webhooks by Zapier POST:
      • URL (use the FormReactor ID for your specific form)
      • Payload Type: JSON
      • Data: this is where you make the mapping between CTM and the other provider (the order is not important).  In the example, caller_name has been defined to match to Querystring Caller Name (it acts like a variable). Alternatively, you can hard-code values: in the example below, country_code is set to be 1 no matter what Facebook or the other provider sends.  In the top right of the window, you can click the eye to the right of Setup Preview to toggle between variable example values and the variable field names.Help-Zapier-Integrating-Zapier-with-FormReactor.png
      • Basic Auth: put your CTM API key here with the access key and secret key separated by a pipe | symbol: 12345abcde|54321edcba
      • All the other fields are optional.
    • Click Continue at the bottom.
    • If desired, Send Test To Webhooks by Zapier (or Skip Test). If you run the test, the data you sent to the webhook will appear in the call log and whatever actions you have associated with the FormReactor will occur.
    • If successful, Finish.
  4. Name your Zap and enable it to run.
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