View Charges and Usage For Account

In order to view charges and usage for accounts there are several ways to review.

View Charges

To view individual charges on your credit card:
Navigate to: Settings > Billing Settings. Under Payment History, you can view all recent charges to your credit card for the account. (click "view all" to see farther back in time). You can also view this from the Billing Settings Page by going to Billing Settings > Payment History.

To view and receive receipts:
From the Billing Settings page, go to Billing Settings > Printable Statements. This will email you a printable summary of all credit card charges and associated account usage. Within that pop-up box, you can also set a recurring schedule to have the printable invoices emailed at regular intervals.

You can view individual charges for your account by navigating to Settings > Billing Settings > Account Logs and then by scrolling down to the Logs section.

Logs will show you exact charges drawn from your available balance. Every phone number renewal, text message, usage, and subscription fee will be listed. If you are on the agency plan, you can also view your logs at the agency level by going to Settings > Billing Settings and scroll down to the Logs section.

To view agency level usage:
If you are an agency with sub-accounts, you can see a high-level view of usage for each of your sub-accounts on the Agency Dashboard page within the reports menu. The agency dashboard will allow you to see the activity across your agency and the associated costs.

The Account Usage reports can be found in the Reports menu. Using the Account Usage report you can select the dates you want to view. You're also able to view individual accounts and select to see all accounts within the agency in one report by clicking Agency Usage.

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