Call Waiting

Call waiting alerts agents when someone has called their direct line and gives them the option to address while they are already on another call.  When call waiting is enabled and a new call comes in to their direct line a call waiting beep will play.  The agent will see a prompt to notify them of the new call.  The agent can choose to ignore the call or put the current call on hold.  They can also answer the new call and end the current call to answer the new call.


Requirements for Call Waiting:

  • Call waiting only applies to tracking numbers that are routed directly to an agent
  • The agent must have call waiting enabled in their user profile
  • Agent must be using the CallTrackingMetrics softphone


Call Waiting Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings → Manage Users
  2. Choose  Edit next to the name of the agent you wish to enable call waiting
  3. Use the left-hand navigation to the Agent Contact
  4. Toggle enable Call Waiting
  5. Save Changes



User Queue

  1. Return to Settings → Manage Users and find the name of the agent in the user list
  2. In the Agent Queue column go to User Queue for the agent
  3. Use the left-hand navigation or scroll down to the No Answer section
  4. Select disable Bypass Queue if no agents available.  Leaving this option enabled would prevent the new incoming call from ringing through when the agent is already on a call
  5. By default, calls to an agent will ring to them for 300 seconds and will hang up when the agent does not answer the call.  It is recommended to adjust these settings to route to another agent or to a voicemail box when using call waiting
  6. Save Changes.



Using Call Waiting Features


With call waiting enabled the agent will hear a beeping sound in the softphone when there is a new incoming call to their direct line.  The prompt will offer the following options:

  • Hold & Answer places the in-progress call on hold and answers the new incoming call.  The in-progress call is placed on hold for anyone so another agent would be able to continue that call by picking it up from the call log.
  • Hangup & Answer ends the in-progress call and answers the new incoming call.
  • Ignore dismisses the new incoming call.  The agent will continue with the in-progress call while the caller will be routed according to the no answer rules set in the user queue for that agent.
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