How does price per minute work?

We round up to the nearest minute. So, a 63-second call is considered 2 minutes long. The clock begins counting as soon as the caller initiates the call.


You can find your per minute price in two ways:

1) For most North American and intra-country dialing, you can find your standard price per minute by going to Settings > Account Settings > Subscriptions Change Plan. Here you will see the rates for your current plan, as well as rates on our other available plans.

2) In some countries, there are different rates imposed per minute based on if you are forwarding calls to a landline or mobile number, or if you are forwarding calls to another country. We alert you to this when you buy a Tracking Number and program a receiving number that would lead to a special per minute rate being imposed on your minutes.


Going forward, if there is special pricing imposed on any of your receiving numbers, you can view that by going to the Tracking Numbers page and you'll see the cost under the Renewal Date Column.

For our clients who are using a high volume of minutes each month, we do offer discounted packages of minutes. You can learn more about packages by contacting our sales team or by viewing packages in your account here.

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