Account Audio Access

You may find that there will be times where you need assistance from the CallTrackingMetrics support team. Sometimes this may require us to access audio recordings of your calls to diagnose the issue. We understand that your calls may contain sensitive information, so we take the security of that information very seriously.

Our team is not able to access any call recordings without your permission. If you need us to be able to access call recordings to help with a technical issue, you (the administrator) will need to enable the "account support" feature in your account settings.  Administrators of the account can turn this feature on and off as needed.

If your account is white labeled, your account administrators will not see this feature and only the agency administrator will be the only one who can enable/disable it.

This feature is enabled at the account level, so if you are an agency administrator, you can turn it on for a particular sub-account for the time needed to resolve a support issue, and it will not affect any other accounts in the agency.

We recommend turning it back off as soon as the support issue is resolved, but you have the option to allow Support Access for the following timeframes:

  • Indefinitely
  • 1 Hour
  • 1 Day
  • 1 Week
  • 1 Month
  • 1 Year

To enable the CTM support team to access your audio recordings, go to Settings ▸ Account Settings. From there, select Support Access from the menu on the left hand side, or scroll down until you see the section.

You should see a blue button that says Allow Support Access. Click this button to allow our support team to access your call recordings, transcripts, text messages, and FormRector submissions, then click it again to disallow access.


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