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The recent change to Apple’s policies that went into effect on April 26, 2021, has had an impact on the way Google reports and measures conversions for iOS 14 traffic. To accommodate for this change Google has implemented two new parameters, GBRAID and WBRAID. The new parameters will be added to the URL in place of the historic parameters (GCLID). Instead of a unique GCLID being assigned to a click, the new parameters will be created and assigned to a group of users using aggregate techniques.  Meaning multiple users will have the same ID assigned.

  • GBRAID - App measurement (deep linked campaigns). Search & Shopping campaigns.
  • WBRAID - Web measurement. Youtube, Display, and Discovery campaigns.


What does that mean as a CallTrackingMetrics customer?

As a CallTrackingMetrics customer, this could impact the data received from Google as well as conversions being sent to your Google account.  

In our observations, Ad Group Name, Keyword, and Ad Content data may no longer be available for these ad types. We can still receive the Campaign, Source, and Medium data if you use UTM parameters in each of your campaigns. 

When using the CallTrackingMetrics Google Direct Connect integration we have the ability to send conversions to a Google Ads account. Although we are sending the data, we are unsure how Google is handling them at this time. In addition, due to the new security features this data is protected from being reported in Google Analytics.


What is CallTrackingMetrics doing to help?

We have updated the Google Ads preset source to include the new parameters ((?=.*utm_source=google)(?=.utm_medium=cpc).|gclid=.+|wbraid=.+|gbraid=.+). If you use the preset source no action is required, however, if you created a custom source you should make sure the new parameters are added. This ensures the correct source is assigned to the activity in CTM. 


CallTrackingMetrics recommendations

  1. Utilize UTM parameters for each Google campaign. The UTM parameters still have the ability to be read and attributed to the activities. This provides us with the ability to capture additional attribution and display it in our reports as well as send to Google. 
  2. Update any Google Ads source to include |wbraid=.+|braid=.+ to ensure the correct source attribution. Having the correct source is important not only for reporting, but also for your CallTrackingMetrics triggers.
  3. Use CTM's Google Ads Direct Connect integration.


We understand the impact of the security enhancements and will continue to provide guidance as more information is available. 


Google Resources:

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