Zoom Integration

Now seamlessly view your Zoom calls in CTM, categorized as 'Video' in the Activity log alongside Calls, Chat, Texts, and Forms. Enhance your meeting insights with our transcription service for Zoom meetings, enriched by AskAI's summarization and rating features. All your communications are unified and accessible. The Zoom integration is available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

Note: A Zoom Administrator Account is required 

 Getting connected is easy.

  • In your CTM account, go to Settings > Integrations > Zoom 
  • Next, select the Settings button on the Zoom card
  • From there, choose Connect to Zoom
  • Finally, click Authorize

After the connection has been established, complete the following configurations: 

Tracking Number

Assign a new or existing tracking number for each Zoom activity. This phone number will be attributed to each Activity in the call log and reporting.


Accept the terms and conditions below to use CTM's storage options with your Zoom account. By turning on each toggle and following through with instructions. Failure to do so will result in limited functionality of CTM's Zoom integration.

💡See how to customize your consent disclaimer here.

Storage Settings

Turn on the options for which files should be saved within the video activity logs. (Additional costs do apply per minute, at 1.5 cents)

Privacy Safe Phrase

Select a phrase that will prevent CTM from tracking your Zoom meetings. The phrase entered in the field will be searched for in the meeting title; if found, CTM will not track the meeting.

Note: This phrase is case-sensitive

Agent Exclusion

If there are employees within your organization who should not have the meeting title shown in the call log, add them to the Agent Exclusion list. To do this, type their name in the field and then select from the list that appears. 

 Access to Recordings

If a Zoom activity is being recorded, and you are the meeting host, select the Video icon to the left of the Contact column.  Once selected, you will be directed to the recording within your Zoom account.  If the Zoom activity is not recorded when you select the Video icon, a message stating "No recording found" should appear. 


Once connected, a list of Zoom users will be displayed within CTM, and the accounts should automatically map to one another. You also have the option to manually map the user accounts by selecting them from the drop-down list.

 Through the integration, CTM will have access to the following:

  • Webinars - CTM will log all webinar activity
  • Meetings - CTM will log all meeting activity
  • User Info - CTM will store user info for user mappings
  • Recordings - CTM will be able to share recording links
  • Account - CTM will store the Zoom account info
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