Pipedrive Integration

With the CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) and Pipedrive integration, you can send data from your calls, texts, forms, and more, along with web analytics, directly into your Pipedrive as leads, contacts, or custom objects. The Pipedrive integration is available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

In your CTM account, navigate to Settings -> Integrations -> Pipedrive -> click the Settings button

Then, click Connect to Pipedrive

Next, a box will appear, review the permissions and click Allow and Install


Now that your account is connected, you will need to map the CTM users to the Pipedrive user. 

  • Select the appropriate user from the drop-down Account User list whose Name and Email correspond to those on the right.

Lastly, create a trigger(s) with custom rules for when CTM sends a call to be logged in your Pipedrive account.

  • Click on Go to Triggers button (here is some helpful information on triggers) 
  • Apply a name (description is optional)
  • Select the point during an activity when these actions will run (Trigger)
  • The trigger can be run for all activities or only selected Tracking Numbers
  • If needed, you can delay the start of the workflow
  • Create the rule when the trigger will run (e.g. if type is inbound call)
  • Click Add Action and select Pipedrive Log Call from the drop-down menu


Define what the logged call contains:

  • Subject - this is the subject logged on the call in Pipedrive
  • Default User - When no user is assigned or mapped to the activity, use this user as a default.
  • Call Outcome - Auto selected outcome would be based on the connected status of the phone line. You may override this for more specific call types, such as voicemail or leaving a message.
  • Note - Add a note to the logged activity call

Click, Save Changes

To unlink your account, go to Settings -> Integrations -> Pipedrive -> Click the Settings button -> In Connection Details, click Unlink


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