Release Notes June 2024

Real-Time Agent Updates

Several exciting updates to the Real-Time Agent Dashboard, including:

  • The button to change from manager <-> reporting mode has been turned into a dropdown in the top left of the header. 
  • 'Agent Sorter' has been moved from a dropdown in the header to a drop down in the filter menu.
  • Users can now sort by status

  • On refresh, you don't lose the tiles you have enabled or disabled. These tiles are also saved between modes.
  • Change layout of the agent card to be more "status" focused and prevents icons from being cut off/overlapped

  • Feedback button now has the ability for the user to specify a specific feature to give feedback on
  • Users will no longer show as being online for an infinite amount of time
  • Improved sorting in manager mode

To learn more about the Real-Time Agent dashboard, see our knowledge base article here.


Addition logging in Debug Flow

Added logging to the Debug Flow for talk time, this will allow you to view talk time for every agent as the call progresses. 


Click here to learn more about the information stored in the debug call flow.

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