User Groups Setup and Utilization Guide

User Groups in CallTrackingMetrics streamline the setup of features like activity log filters, notifications, and triggers. Instead of adding users individually, you can add a User Group containing all the users at once.

Setting Up User Groups:

1. Navigate to Settings > User Groups.

2. Click the New User Group button.

3. Name your User Group.

4. Select the users to include in the group.

5. Click Save Changes.

Using User Groups for Notifications:

1. Create a User Group (if not already created).

2. Create an Email Notification.

3. Select the User Group you want to receive the notification.

4. Save your changes.

Using User Groups for Triggers:

1. Create a User Group (if not already created).

2. Create a Trigger.

3. Add a rule using the Agent (User Group) "If" statement.

4. Select the User Group from the dropdown.

5. Complete your trigger workflow and save.


Screenshot 2024-06-20 at 8.38.41 AM.png

Filtering Activity Log with User Groups:

1. Create a User Group (if not already created).

2. Go to Activities and select an Activity Log.

3. Click the Filter button in the upper left corner of the log.

4. Scroll to Filter User Groups.

5. Select includes or excludes.

6. Choose a User Group from the dropdown.

7. Select any other applicable filter options.

8. Click Apply Filter.


By using User Groups, you can efficiently manage and streamline various features within CallTrackingMetrics.

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