How to Integrate CallTrackingMetrics (CTM) with Yext

This integration lets you assign tracking numbers to your Yext entities effortlessly. By doing so, you can monitor session data in CTM, while Yext efficiently manages citations using these tracking numbers. The Yext integration is available in agency plans.


  1. Connecting Your CTM Account with Yext:
    • Log in to your CTM account.
    • Go to Settings > Integrations.
    • Select Yext, then click the Settings button.
    • Now, click Connect to Yext.
  2. Authorizing API Permissions:
    • You'll be directed to the API Permission page.
    • Grant CTM the necessary permissions for the integration by clicking Authorize.
  3. Loading Yext Entities to CTM:
    • Once connected, all entities from your Yext account will be loaded into CTM.
    • If entities don't appear within a few minutes, refresh your browser.
  4. Viewing and Editing Entity Details:
    • Navigate to the Entities page.
    • Here, you'll see a list of your entities along with details like the entity name, CTM account name (if a tracking number is already assigned), address, and main phone number.
    • To edit an entity, click Edit to its left.
  5. Assigning Tracking Numbers:
    • Inside the details page, choose the CTM account associated with the entity.
    • Assign tracking numbers to any phone number field within Yext.
    • Note: Assigning a tracking number will replace the original number in Yext (if applicable) when you click Save Entity Mapping.
  6. Handling Main Phone Numbers:
    • When assigning a tracking number to the Main Phone Number field, a prompt will ask if you want to assign the original number to the Alternate Phone Number.

Remember to always double-check your changes and ensure tracking numbers are accurately assigned to prevent any discrepancies.

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