ChatAI is a best-in-class AI service that integrates easily with your own content, allowing the AI to answer questions based on your content when attached to a Chat Widget. This is available on the Sales Engage, Enterprise, and Connect plans. 

  • Add your own documents from your website or through Zendesk
  • Custom instructions
  • Temperature Control to adjust the bot's creativity.
  • Trackable within activity logs, allowing you to easily and quickly adjust how the bot handles your customers/leads
  • Take actions to transfer to a live agent.


The instructions below will now appear in a step-by-step guide (wizard). Within the wizard, you can freeze/unfreeze the top portion that contains explanations of the current step below by clicking the freeze panel icon in the upper right corner. 

For our more experienced customers we have added an Exit Wizard button that when clicked will end the wizard session and resume set up in the long form setup. 

If you wish to never use the wizards we have also added an option to turn them off within the Account Settings page under Behaviors. 


Setup ChatAI:

  1. Navigate to Flows > ChatAI.
  2. Give the bot a Name and Description, and Click Next.
  3. Set the bot's Creativity level. Adjusting this threshold allows for the AI to be more or less creative. Usually, around 20% is ideal for good results. Click Next.
  4. Click the Add Document Source button to select where the bot should source information. Multiple sources can be selected. Click Next.
  5. Add a Function to collect and modify contact information or tag activities, then click Next.
  6. Add Message Processing Rules which allow the bot to capture and evaluate data from the user. Click Next.


    • Set up a schedule when the chatbot will answer instead of agents.
    • If a specific question(s) is asked, direct the bot to documentation specific to those questions.
    • If the user asks to be connected to a human, chat can be transferred to a queue.
  1. Add a System Prompt to instruct the bot on how to interact with your customers, using descriptive text to teach the bot how it should treat the customer/lead and respond. Click Next.
  2. Set up a Chat Widget to be connected to the bot. For a refresher on chat widget setup, see our documentation here.
  3. Test the ChatAI Agent.
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