Wrap-up Panel

Wrap-up for Outbound and Wrap-up for Inbound

The Wrap-up Panel section allows you to direct agents to a custom panel after a call has ended.  If you have created a custom panel, use the Wrap-up custom panel drop-down to select the custom panel to use for post-call. By default, Wrap-up for Inbound will be set to use Outbound Wrap-up panel settings. You can uncheck the box to change the settings. 

Use the After wrap-up drop-down to determine whether the agent will be automatically returned to accept calls mode after completing wrap-up.  By default, the agent will be set back to accepting calls.  Use the drop-down menu to change this to Available, Not Available, or  Previous State. Note that Previous State will only put the agent in Available or Not Available, rather than a custom status. 



Only show wrap-up panel to agents when the caller disconnects: When this option is off we will present the wrap-up panel to the agent even when the call is placed on hold or transferred.     Screenshot

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