Authorized User Domains

Add an extra layer of security to your account(s) using our authorized email domain feature. This is a great way to restrict user account access based on email domains. Agency-wide restrictions can be implemented for Agency Administrator roles or restrictions can be added for users within each sub-account. 

To implement this feature you MUST have the role of Agency Administrator. 

Authorized User Domains: 

This feature applies to the current sub-account, restricting access for all user roles, except Agency Administrator. You may add restrictions for Agency Administrators by going to Settings > Parent Settings > Authorized Agency Administrator Domains and adding the respective domain. 

To get started:

  1. Click on the Send me a Code button (this sends a verification code to the email address on file for your user account).
  2. Retrieve the verification code from your email and apply it to the Confirmation Code field
  3. Click the Confirm button
  4. Here is where you will enter the restricted email domains (with the below in mind)
    1. Only users with an email belonging to the authorized domains listed below can access this agency and its sub-accounts.
    2. Please enter each domain on its separate line or separate by a comma and do not include the @ symbol.
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