Release Notes February 2023

Here are the product updates for the month of February 2023.


Skill Based Routing

Enhances current queue routing by allowing managers to assign skills to agents within a queue. Instead of calls being routed to the next available agent this feature can be used to route calls to an agent that fits their particular needs. 


Ask AI

Powered by ChatGPT, this feature allows you to extract data such as sentiment from phone calls. This is very helpful for customers who manually listen and score each agent's call.

Note: This feature requires the use of transcriptions


Triggers (Update)

Trigger rules for Agent, Status, and Type now have if any as an option which allows you to apply multiple parameters. 


CNAM Registrations

Through the Trust Center, customers with an approved registration now have the ability to register their CNAM (or caller id). This can be helpful if you would like your company name to show up when making outbound calls.

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