AskAI allows you to ask any natural language question and get a concise ChatGPT powered answer, which can then be entered into a custom field for easy reporting. The AskAI can be set up using a trigger that runs after a call is completed. 

Turn On Transcriptions

  1. Navigate to Numbers>Call Settings
  2. Click Edit next to the Call setting that will need Transcription enabled
  3. Scroll to the Transcriptions section
  4. Select the need language from the Speech to Text Language drop-down
  5. Save changes

Create a Trigger


  1. Navigate to Flows>Automation>Triggers
  2. Click New Trigger
  3. Give the Trigger a Name and Description (optional)
  4. Select; When transcription is ready, from the Trigger drop-down
  5. Click Save Changes to activate the Trigger
  6. Turn ON the Trigger for all Activities to run on all numbers, to select certain tracking numbers Click the Edit Assigned Tracking Numbers button to make your selection
  7. Click Save Changes


  1. Click Add Workflow
  2. Add a rule that must be matched in order for the trigger to run, or click the trash can to run for all activities 
  3. Click the Add Action button and select AskAI from the drop-down
  4. Enter a question in text that you would like to have answered about the activity 
  5. Select the field you would like this answer to be recorded
  6. Click Build your prompt to test questions using real calls from the activity log.
  7. Select a call from the test activity drop down, then click Test Prompt
  8. Save Changes 



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