Improvements to Ringback/Callback Feature

I recently implemented the Ringback/Callback feature within a queue, and have a couple of thoughts on improvements.

#1 - I wasn't able to find any documentation on this feature, even though the Queue settings article says to look at this article for more information on Ringback:

#2 - It would be nice if the callback was not a separate call activity in the call log, and could be connected somehow with the original call. I feel like this is duplication within the call log, which skews overall numbers. 

#3 - On the same lines as #2 - because it's 2 separate calls, there's no great way for me to filter or pull reports on the call back. I'm tagging the original call where the caller presses a key to initiate a callback, but there's not a great way to set up a trigger to tag the second call that happens. 



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  • Another issue - if the customer that requested the callback does not pick up, it still routes to a queue where an agent picks up, but they don't realize it's a callback (they just think it's an inbound call). And the call goes through to the customer's voicemail box. 

    There should be a message that plays to the agent so they know it's a customer callback. And/or an option to not connect to the queue if the customer doesn't pick up the callback first.


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