Stripe Integration - What data flows?

Our agency wants to switch to markup billing.  I've integrated Stripe w CTM from both sides and both CTM and Stripe help desks confirms configs look right on their end.

BUT - the CTM KB article for Stripe integration only mentions the variable usage data passing from CTM to Stripe. The article makes no mention of passing through billing costs for numbers and licenses and I cant find a subject expert in CTM team that knows what data flows or doesn't.  

Does anyone know if add-on items like (phone # rental fees) and (chat license rental fees) also pass through my Stripe integration?  Or is just minute usage data passed to Stripe?

And, does anyone know the unique identifier Stripe uses to match to the correct CTM sub-account?

If needed, I can set up a parallel Stripe Product (phone number rental) and (chat license) in - just inquiring ahead so I don't double bill a client.



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