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We need a more manageable way to handle the Do Not Text list within CTM. We have clients that have been systematically added to the Do Not Text list after texting one of our agents the word "stop" or "cancel".


In our experience, when these words are used, they are in reference to an appointment or in regards to their case and not always requesting us to stop communication all together. Since this is an automatic process [standard functionality according to CTM support due to TCPA laws], we must follow up to ensure that these numbers truly belong on the Do Not Text list by validating their file in Salesforce. 


One way to do this would be utilizing the tag feature of CTM; however, there is no way to customize the Do Not Text list to include a display for the tags. Even showing the caller ID on the Do Not Text List would be significantly more helpful than just displaying a list of phone numbers blocked. 



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    Kevin from Customer Support here.  You could take advantage of our Salesforce Monitor functionality and triggers to reference data fields within Salesforce and add/remove contacts from the Do Not Text list accordingly.

    Please contact our customer support team directly should you require more detailed assistance.

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