Very high number of requests coming in via webhooks?

I'm helping someone integrate with the various webhooks of CTM:

- "1 hour after call"

- "PPC data"

- "Form submission"

These are the webhooks I have setup.

The website is not super high volume but there are thousands of webhook requests coming in.

I'd like to better understand if there is..

A) Overlap between the webhooks. E.g. Will the PPC data webhook eventually include all the requests the "1 hour after call" one would for example?

B) Are the requests sent at various stages of "completeness" or only when all data has been gathered?


Many thanks



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    Hi, Gavin.

    Starting with B, we send the data available. For instance, if you have a start of call webhook, there will be a lot of data missing until the call ends. There is a webhook for updates that will send more call data as the call progresses. The end of call webhook should have most of the data including a link to the audio and transcriptions. The one hour after and PPC webhooks probably end up sending very similar data.

    And the answer to A is "yes." 

    Let us know if you have more questions. 


  • Appreciate the time Bob!

    2 follow-ups:

    - Does the PPC data webhook trigger within a certain period e.g. 15 mins after the initial event, 2 hours, etc, or could it (in theory) take a day to collect the PPC data?

    - Would the PPC webhook trigger even if PPC data is not able to be determined e.g. I've seen in some of the fields in requests coming are set as "Not available"? i.e. can I expect all events to pass through that webhook


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