Auto Dialer Routing

The auto dialer is an essential tool to keep agents busy when call volumes are low. The dialer need two key changes to go from good to great! 

We have the dialer set to dial the agent first and then the customer. Currently the agent answers the call, hears a brief recording, and the dialer starts calling the customer...sometimes the customer is saying, "hello, hello?" when our recording stops. We  shortened the recording down to about 3 seconds to help with this (but have still experienced it). We tried several settings before calling CTM to find out the program was designed this way.

1. We need the ability to control the amount of time an agent has between the agent answering and the dialer calling the customer. 

With our CRM and this restriction, we are forced to limit the auto dialer to just one task, (collection calls). Agents have to know why they are calling a customer and thus, need time to research an account before making the call. The current setup does not allow this. 


We have a report with essential task where traditionally, our agents called/worked manually. (Collections, credit card failures, work new home owner, quality control calls). With the current AD, we are only able to load collections calls in the AD list. There is not enough time for the agent to manually determine the nature of a call. We told our agents that every AD call would be collections. (We have a small team manually calling the other task from this report).

2. We need the ability to load different "Reasons for Call" to the AD list, then tie this to a specific recording, to let our agent know the nature of the call.


If we had these two features, we would be able to give our agents more time to prepare for the outbound calls. We would also be able to utilize the AD for more task than just collections. More outbound programs are in our future and we need these features to make it happen.

Thank You!



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  • This seems simple but yet VERY important for good customer service.  Otherwise we sound like those car insurance salesman when we are actually making important calls! 


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