Agent Reporting Improvements

We use CTM has a stand alone call center system.  Thus, we can only manage our agents with the use of CTM reporting.  CTM is OUTSTANDING tracking calls and a multitude of great statistics for our calls.  But it lacks the ability to really track your agents productivity.  We currently have around 36 agents in our company and want to add more.  Here are some highlights of the features we would like to see:

1. The data in the real time call agent report can be inconsistent.  This needs tightening up and rounding needs to be improved.  

2. Missed calls are so crucial to us and we want the customer to get an agent quickly.  If using Round Robin then we do not know the number of missed dials for each agent.  They can just let the call go and the only way to get that data it to subtract the number of incoming to answered calls.  For us, after 12 seconds, the system tries to find another agent.  This needs to be clear and the ability to see the detail of those missed calls per agent.  Yes, another agent gets the call so technically it is not "missed" but that agent let it go and we need to manage that.  

3. If an agent picks up a call after 6 seconds but that call has bounced around to several other agents; the agent that got the call get punished in their stats for that long call wait time.  This is unfair to them.  We need to be able to see that data both ways, by agent or just totals (as it is now).  

4. Call centers use occupancy rates and other metrics.  We need to be able to get the real time agent report on a spreadsheet and pull data forever (like we can call data).  This will help us build spreadsheets to where we can create our own metrics.  

5. API needs the agent data as the above mentioned; data needs to be stored and accessible.  now it is only there for 7 days and you have to look one day at a time.  The cost to analysis that data is tremendous.  

Again, call data is outstanding but agent data needs some drastic improvements.  I hope to see this in the future because as we grow, this becomes an ever bigger part of our value to a phone system.  




  • Amen!

  • Agree 100%

  • Agreed. Has there been any movement toward improved reporting?

  • Thank you for your input.  We currently have additional enhancements underway for the Real-time agent reports as part of our Roadmap for Q3 and Q4 of 2021.

  • Another thing we'd like to see are alerts if any call center metrics start to dip. 


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