Real-Time Agents Report - More Robust Call Center Reporting

We would love to see improvements to the Real-Time agents report for a more robust Call Center Reporting platform. Some of the features we'd like are:

  • Extended historical data (at least 30 days if not longer)
  • More clarity & accuracy on individual agents time on hold, how often they click "Ignore" or miss a call from a queue and/or a direct line
  • Metrics for queue-level performance
  • Ability to export data as PDF and/or CSV file

We'd also love to have the Real-Time Agents data available in the CTM API.



  • Official comment

    Hi Jess Majeski,

    Kevin with Customer Support here.  Just an FYI, we recently added an export option on the Real Time Agents dashboard.  You can find this icon in the upper right corner. 


    Regarding API calls specific to the Real Time Agents metrics, you can start here...

    This is available now.  While support cannot provide assistance with the API, you could sign up for the API Office hours should you require more involved direction.


  • Another idea/thought that's on the same lines as this:

    It would be awesome for individual agents/users to have their own "My Activity" report (even w/o Report Manager access) so they can monitor their own metrics.

    It would also be nice if all agents/users could have a list to see an accurate status that all other agents are in at any time.

  • Adding to the features of the Real Time reporting section:

         Ability to see the data by Queue (instead of just overall company call data).  

         Add a Service Level field

  • Agree!

  • Yes all around and sure, we can beta it on 8/1/2021!!!!

  • Is beta testing an option right now??

  • Mark Langan,

    We do offer the ability to "Filter" the Real Time Agents report by Queue, Team, a specific Activity or Agent at this time.

  • Selecting a Filter doesn't change the information in the Account Section of the Dashboard.  We would like to ONLY see call data for the Customer Service queue, etc..

  • Mark, 

    You are correct, the account section (by design) is not affected by the filter.  So we can specify in your request then that we introduce some filtering of the overview metrics currently supplied in  the "Account" box of the Real Time Agent Dashboard.

    Thanks for your feedback!

  • Hi Kevin,


    Thanks for the update! I did see the export option but didn't find the data as useful as I'd hoped since it just uses the User ID, not their Agent Name. It would be awesome to have more customizable settings here - the ability to choose which users to export, among other things. Similar to the Activity Report export options. 

    As far as the API, I see the section about retrieving agent events -- does this also cover when an agent changes their status / custom statuses?

    Lastly, as far as queue data, our clients are interested in seeing this data for the queue as a whole, not just each agent in the queue. 

  • Jess,

    These are great notes, thank you for the clarification.

    Regarding the API, I do believe that custom statuses are accessible but our API office hours would be the best way to facilitate the conversation directly with our senior product team members.


  • Understood - thanks so much!

  • I agree with Jess and thanks for starting to the process for a better download option.  We would be happy to work with you to better clarify our needs if you need it.  Looking forward to seeing this improve to help us manage our business and agents.  thanks! 


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