Bulk SMS Message - Local Presence

It would be amazing to offer a local presence functionality when sending outbound SMS campaigns. 

For example)

  • When setting up the campaigns, add a check box to enable local sending presence.
  • The user will select all sending numbers

When the system is sending, it will need to send the sms using the closest matching area code.





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    Hi Michael! 

    We currently offer this feature in the Bulk Texts. If you don't select a specific Tracking Number to use, the system will use a Best Match approach for the outbound messages and use the closest local number for each contact. 


    We have similar options in AutoDialers, which can also be used for outbound SMS campaigns (or mix of calls and SMS). 

    This article contains information regarding Bulk SMS. If you're encountering any issues, please reach out to our Support Team and we're happy to investigate! 


  • Quick update - I just tested with selecting multiple Tracking Numbers, and the Bulk Message implemented the Best Match behavior. I have submitted requests to update our UI and help article to clarify the options. 

  • Hi Matt - 


    Local presence only works when a user doesn't select a tracking number(s) as the sending number(s). This is not an ideal circumstance, as many users will want to select a pool of numbers and then employ local presence from a specific pool. 


    Thus to clarify, we need to add local presence to bulk messaging when a user actually selects a specific pool of numbers.

  • Hey Michael,


    Ah, I see. Selecting a subset of your numbers to use via Best Match in the Bulk Message option. Thanks for clarifying! I'll let the Product Team take it from here. Thanks!


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