Trigger / Listview Folders

Initially this idea was born out of the need to add folders to the trigger list view, but then I realized that this feature should apply to all list views.

We need the ability to create folders in all list views, which will make it easier to manage a large number os records in a few.

For example, if I have 20 trigger records and if I need to categorize the triggers by a certain connected workflow, we dont have the ability to group these trigger together to easily find what we need. Instead, we need to week through the entire list to find the single records. This is not a great UX.


Further to this example) Let's say that I want to build a survey, and that survey requires 3-4 triggers. I should be able to create a folder named "XYZ Survey" and then create as many triggers under this folder. Maybe I need to do the same for Voice Menu's tied to the same survey process. I should be able to create a folder under Voice Menu's named "XYZ Survey."




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