Custom field dependencies improvement request

Hello CTM team,

I have an improvement request relating to the contact panel field. There is a lot of information that we need to collect on calls through these custom fields, so we have many set as required fields, however, they are not relevant for SMS activities, or in cases where the prospect doesn't answer their scheduled call.

Would it be possible to expand field dependencies to activity type, and also as a FALSE statement? Ie, if this field ≠ this selection, or any of the selected selections do not display. This would help since we have a field labeled as disposition, so if it is "no answer", would not want any required fields preventing them from closing the activity.



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    Hi Matt,


    Thanks for reaching out to CTM, I have created a ticket for your request and sent it to your account manager.  They will follow up with you if any further information is needed, or the feature gets implemented.

  • Sounds great, thank you Chris!


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