Showing the same caller ID for all calls on a forwarding number

I'm trying to find a way to have all calls that forward to a number I own to show the same caller ID when forwarding to other numbers.

For example, if someone were to call the forwarding number, and the call is forwarded to my cell phone, I don't want to see the phone # of the person calling. Instead I want to have every call that comes into that line show the same caller ID. I need this so that I can know that the calls into this hotline need to be urgently answered vs other calls that are not as urgent. This way I could label the inbound number as "URGENT" on my cell and I'll know to pick up, irrespective of who is calling.



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    Hi John,

    Thanks for reaching out to CTM, you can achieve this through the call settings.  If you navigate to Numbers > Call Settings and then click edit next to the call settings you can then scroll down to the section called "Caller ID".  From there click on the triangle called "more options", you will see a toggle switch that says "Show tracking number as caller ID for incoming calls".  By turning this on it will always use the tracking number dialed by the caller as the caller ID.

    I hope this helps, please reach out to our support team for any further question.

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