Add Webhook Presets (esp. save own Webhooks as Presets)


for me Presets in general are a very useful functionality inside of CTM.

With Presets I cannot miss any of the critial settings so everything runs smoothly.

Unfortunately, for now there are now Presets available, more importantly to be able to safe the settings of one of my own created Webhooks as a Preset for the future.

That caused a lot of trouble in the past, because if you miss just one little thing inside of CTM, it just does not work.

I guess many CTM users know what I mean.

So my suggestion: Create the Preset functionality (especially to save created webhooks as Presets).

Thanks for supporting this topic.

Best regards

Timo Stephan



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    Hi Timo,

    Thank you for reaching out to CTM and for leaving a recommendation.  I am going to pass this feature request to your account manager and the product team for review.  Thank you for being a customer and please let us know if there is anything else we can assist you with.

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