Google Analytics 3 Integration (GA3)

Linking your CallTrackingMetrics account to Google Analytics 3 allows CTM to incorporate website visitor data into various reports. It will also record events in your Universal Analytics account each time a call is made through a CallTrackingMetrics tracking number. If you wish, you can then set up goal conversion tracking in Analytics around your events and import your goals into Ads once the goals start completing.

Integration Setup:

Go to Settings → Integrations → Google Analytics

Choose to link your account, the system will verify which gmail email address it should use to look up Google Analytic 3 profiles that you are associated with. It will list out the various profiles you are associated with and you can choose which profile to link to this particular account.

You will see a number of options for the syncing of information to Analytics.  Click here for more details on what exactly is included in the event.

  • Send GA3 events after each call, text, or web form: By default, this should be checked.
  • Send GA3 events even when GA3 visitor data is not available: By default, this option is NOT checked. Note that if you check this box, we will send events to GA3 even when a call does not have a website visitor. For example, this would send a call event for a TV ad call, or an Ad Extension call. Checking this option will artificially inflate your visitor volume in Analytics because Analytics will create a proxy visitor to go with each of these calls that do not have a visitor linked in our system.
  • Send conversion events: By default this option is NOT checked. You should check this option if you plan to log sale conversions in our call log and you want the value of those sales sent to Analytics.
  • Send events to the web property linked to the call, text, or form. Please note this feature overrides the default profile selected above, unless you have also selected to send events when no visitor data is available. In this case when visitor data is available the visitor UA code will be used and when no visitor data is available the default UA code from above will be used.
  • Send events for both Universal and Standard Analytics when detecting both cookies. Turning this on will send events for both universal and standard analytics in the case that we detect both cookies.

Once your account is linked, you will see the calls show up in "Events" in Google Analytics 3 (which is within the "Content" area). The "Event Category" will be labeled Calls and the "Event Action" will be the tracking source of the call (i.e. Google Organic, Google Paid etc).


 Did you know that CTM offers a pre-set Tracking Source for Google My Business? We'll send call data into Google Analytics as Events.

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