Call Log Details

The Edit button (772143.png) on the left side of each call in the call log opens an extra panel of call detail for the call you're viewing. Several valuable tools can be found in this panel, as well as extra information about the web visitor associated with the call.

The call ID is visible in the upper right of this panel.  This information can be beneficial to our support team if you need to troubleshoot something related to a particular call.

In this panel, you'll find tabs for:


Standard Panels 

  • Text Message: Text Messaging will be logged and appear in the panel (if enabled)
  • Contact: caller ID information, call tags, and notes
  • Visitor Detail: additional session data including pages visited and Google Analytics information
  • Score: reporting tag, score, and conversion toggle
  • Email: a form to send the call to someone and a history of past emails sent for that call
  • Voice Analysis: playback for the call audio, as well as keywords and transcriptions (if enabled)
  • Flow: a summary of routing events that happened during the call

Custom Panels & Integrations

  • Appointments: Select an appointment for certain events and add it to the call log calendar
  • RemindersAdd a reminder alert for callbacks.  Reminders can be set up in four different ways (Calls, Text Messages, Emails, or Desktop notifications)
  • Integrations: some integrations, like Salesforce or Desk, have their own tabs in the detail panel
  • Scripts: the script the agent used for this call (if configured)


  • Contact: Caller ID information
  • Keys: Keypresses for Voice Menus/IVRs
  • Message: Summary of the call via AI. 
  • Source: Tracking Source and Tracking Number
  • Session Data: Shows session data which can include landing page, referring website, search keywords, campaign, and visitor likelihood. 
  • Score: Reporting Tag and Call score
  • Audio: Audio recording and the total time of the call. You can hover over the time to see the breakdown of Ring Time, Talk Time, and Hold Time.
  • Metrics: Date, Time and Activity Status
  • Routing: This shows where the call routed and which agent is assigned. If an agent is not assigned, you can click Set Agent to assign manually. An agent can also be assigned via Trigger
  • Actions: This shows actions that can be taken such as emailing a notification via email, flagging a call, and any other actions created in your account. 
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