Google Call Extensions and Call-Only Ad Troubleshooting (Performance plan)

If you are using CallTrackingMetrics to track your ad extension calls but are not seeing advertising data, first ensure that you have set up the Google Ads Direct Connect integration.  This integration must be enabled in order for Google to send advertising data to your call log in CTM.



If these steps have been followed and you’re still not seeing the call data campaign associated with the call.  Go to –> Google Ads call detail reports to see if Google is tracking the calls. In order for a call to be counted as a conversion in Ads.  Google requires some proof to verify that it was a Google paid call.

*We can only match campaign data to a call if Google and CTM are both tracking the call. This happens from a double forward.  A Google forwarding number which forwards to a CTM tracking number. 


How to check the inside of Google Ads to to see if Google is tracking the calls:

  1. Inside of Ads navigate to Reporting → Predefined Reports → Extensions.
  2. Select Call details from the tab view.
  3. Ensure that your time frame in CTM and Ads match.
  4. Using Google’s call detail report, note that if phone calls are not reported the campaign data will not pass through matches to CTM.
  5. In the call details report, note that if Google is reporting phone calls and CTM is not that this means that the call wasn’t using a CTM tracking number.
  6. If Google is reporting phone calls and CTM is as well but without campaign data.  Note that this means that the integration wasn’t set up properly. This is because the script is not set to run hourly. If the script does not run then Google is unable to pass CTM the visitor data.

Q) Why would CTM track a call from the source of call extension and Google Ads would no?

A) Google forwarding numbers weren’t available at the time of the search. For campaign data to pass it has to be a double forward → Google forwarding number forwarding to → CTM tracking number.  More about Google forwarding numbers.

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