How to use the Softphone with other web based software

You can use the softphone (aka browser phone) with other web or SaaS applications. If you can create links in the other software you should be able to “pop” a phone like we do when someone clicks the phone or call button in the call log:

Here is a link that will open the phone with a “to” number populated:

There are other parameters available, too.

These are the parameters we use when we pop out the phone:

  • toolbars=0
  • menubar=0
  • location=0
  • resizable=1
  • scrollbars=1
  • status=0
  • width=320
  • height=352

And here is a sample link:

When you create your link, you will probably want to add a target=”_blank” to the link to have the phone pop out in a separate window.

In addition to the to_number parameter, you may also include a from_number parameter which allows you to select the tracking number that should be used for the outbound call.

The from_number parameter can be one of the following:

  • TPN ID: the TPN ID that can be obtained from the address bar when editing a tracking number
  • ID: the ID for a tracking number which can be retrieved using the API
  • a phone number in E.164 format (i.e. +14435551212, + signaling phone number, country code, area code, number)

If we cannot find a tracking number that matches the TPN, ID, or phone number, then we will select the first tracking number in the account (to allow the call to continue.)

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