Excluding Branded Organic Searches

In some cases, you may want to prevent your Google or Microsoft organic tracking numbers from showing on your website when a visitor is coming through a branded search query.

The easiest way to exclude branded organic searches would be to use the negative match referring URL option on the source set up page.

  1. To start, go to numbers → tracking sources and click the “add source” button in the upper right or if you already have google organic or bing organic listed in your sources, you can click edit next to one of them.
  2. Once on the source setup page, if this is a new source you are creating, choose either Google organic or Microsoft (Bing) organic in the “quick source set up” drop-down box.
  3. Make sure the source type is “onsite” and scroll down to the Landing URL box and just below that you will see a small blue text/link that says “use negative match Landing url”.
  4. In that field, place the words you want to be excluded. Be sure to use the | between the groups of words, for example, if you want to exclude “Environmental Pest Controls”, you would need to put the following:


That line will exclude “Environmental Pest Controls” and “pest” and “environmental pest”.  The | is between each individual thing you wish to exclude and the + is in place of the space for more than one word.

Once you do this make sure you SAVE your tracking source

You would then want to do the same thing for other search engines where you want to exclude branded swapping.


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