Agency Shared Billing vs. Individual Sub-Account Billing

Some CallTrackingMetrics plans support an “agency” account structure. This allows you to put clients on individual sub-accounts along with segmented reporting plus access and billing. You have the ability to choose whether a sub-accounts usage is funded by an agency balance (the usage draws from a balance funded by the agency).  There is also an option to draw from the customer balance (the usage on the account would draw from a balance that the customer funded).

To see if your client’s sub account on agency shared billing or on its own billing you will want to go to Settings > Accounts.

From here, you can see all of the sub-accounts set up under your agency. Under the billing column on this page, you’re able to identify whether that sub-account draws from a customer balance or an agency balance.


When you see ‘Balance from: customer,’ that means they are NOT on the agency shared billing.  Your customers are funding their own available balance and paying for their sub-accounts usage through their own credit card.

If you wish to change a particular sub account’s balance setting you can select the “Balance From” section of the specific sub-account (pictured above).  Once selected, a pop-up will appear prompting you to “Add To” or “Remove From Agency Billing”.


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