Call Log Flag (Exclude Activities / Block Contacts)

You may have noticed in your call log under the Actions column, there is a “Flag” icon.

When you click on the “Flag” icon, you have a few items to choose from: Exclude this callBlock future calls like this one, and Rate the audio quality for this call.

When you click on Exclude, you will get more options like Exclude all past calls from this caller.


If you click on “Block this contact,” you will get additional options: 

  • Block contacts by CNAM(CNAM is an acronym that stands for Caller ID Name) 
  • Block agency wide

If you are an Agency, you can block the caller across your entire agency.

*Blocking by caller CNAM can block unintended calls since more than one number can have the same caller ID.


We also have a feedback option to rate the audio quality of the call.


Rating the audio quality allows us to share information with our carriers to improve call quality of future calls. When you select one of the audio quality options, a drop-down list will be revealed, and you can choose the option that best aligns with the call you flagged. You can only choose one option from the provided list.


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