How to Submit a Support Ticket in the Ticket Portal

Note: you must have a CTM account to sign into the CallTrackingMetrics Knowledge Base to submit a Support Ticket. To add a new user in CTM, please follow these instructions

How to submit a support ticket:

  • In CTM, navigate to Help →  Ticket Portal
  • You can also click here to get to the Ticket Portal. 
  • If you are new to the CallTrackingMetrics Knowledge Base and ticking portal? click → Sign up


  • Once you click on sign up you will need to add your Full Name and email address


  • Once the information has been sent you should see Sign-up complete
  • Next you will get an email labeled Welcome to CallTrackingMetrics where you will need to click on the link for account verification
  • Once clicked, you will be brought to the login page
  • Next enter a username and set a password


If an existing user

  • Enter your user credentials for login →  enter your Username and Password or use sign-in with Google 


  • Once in the portal you can submit a request in the ticket portal by clicking → Ticket Portal 


  • Once clicked, you can add all the following details
    • CC: on the Ticket (Optional) 
    • Subject
    • Description
    • Attachments (Optional) 
  • Click → Submit, this will create a trouble ticket into CallTrackingMetrics 


  • Note: You will be able to view the status of tickets when in the help center 


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