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iOS Agent App Overview

The CallTrackingMetrics iOS Agent App was designed with the agent experience in mind. It has a simplistic navigation with all of the necessary features to complete inbound and outbound calls, text messages, and live chats. Agents will also have the ability to view form fill data when needed.

Watch the Mobile App video walkthrough.

Note: Disabling the Enable the softphone for outbound calls toggle at Settings > Account Settings > Behaviors will affect both the softphone and mobile app. 

The header is available no matter which page you’re on, and the data is accessible at all times. The header allows you to:

  1. View your profile
  2. Updated your agent status
  3. Review notifications
  4. Check your settings


The application has four main pages: Activity, Contacts, Call, and Messages. Each was created to facilitate ease of use for the most important features an agent may need. 


The Activity page is full of features and data. Not only can you see a list of all activities that have occurred (calls, chats, texts, and forms) you can also:

  1. Search the page (for phone numbers, call tags, or contact name)
  2. Filter the page by date or activity type (calls, chats, text, forms)
  3. Reply directly to a contact with a phone call or text message



The Contacts page provides quick access to frequently dialed phone numbers and contacts 

  1. View contacts that have been saved as favorites
    • Note: To add a favorite, click on Recent contacts, then click the star icon. 
  2. See the most recent contacts
  3. Access all contacts that have called



The Call page allows you to make outbound calls to any phone number. To initiate a call, first select a country code, then dial a phone number, and press the green call button.





The Messages page is a shortcut to quickly and easily access all messages, whether it’s from a text message or a live chat conversation. From here, you can:

  1. Review text or chat threads (by clicking on the conversation)
  2. Start a text message conversation with a new contact



Live Call

Once on a live call you have the ability to:

  1. Place caller on hold for self or hold for all
    1. Hold for self allows the agent to pick the call back up when needed
    2. Hold for all places the caller on hold and removes the Agent from the call. Anyone then has the ability to pick up the call.
  2. Mute yourself to the caller
  3. Place the caller on speakerphone
  4. Transfer a call to another Agent or to an external number
  5. Add an Agent to the conversation
  6. Show the keypad
  7. Access the caller info 




The profile page provides information about your user and account. From this page, you can also switch accounts.

  1. User profile information
  2. Account ID for the account logged in to
  3. Account Name for the account logged in to
  4. If you have access to multiple accounts, click on Switch Accounts to enter the new account




Within settings, you can turn on the ability to use biometrics, choose light or dark mode, view your app version, and log out of the application.

  1. Utilized biometrics to unlock the app
  2. Apply light or dark mode
  3. Which version of the app you’re currently using
  4. Logout button


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