Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with CAKE

CAKE provides software for advertisers tracking performance across multiple channels and affiliate networks managing digital campaigns. Linking CallTrackingMetrics to CAKE will allow you to track calls as conversions generated through your CAKE-powered offers.

When creating new offers, you must tag your offer links with ctreqid=#reqid#&ctoid={offer_id} – this tag will be used to track calls as conversions. Be sure to replace {offer_id} with the actual offer ID, or use the auto-tagging feature to do this automatically for all existing offers.

Integration Setup

1) In your CAKE account, create an API key by going to Setup > Permissions, then under API Keys click Add.
2) In your CallTrackingMetrics account, navigate to Settings > Integrations > CAKE.
3) Enter your CAKE API Access Key.
4) Choose a minimum call length for calls to be marked converted in CAKE. By default, calls of any duration will be counted.
5) Choose to trigger conversions only for each unique individual caller by turning the Only count unique callers toggle ON. If you prefer to count all calls, even from repeat callers, turn this toggle OFF.
6) Click Save Settings.

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