Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Skai (was Kenshoo)

Skai (was Kenshoo) is a premium solution for managing, automating, and optimizing search engine marketing campaigns at scale. Our integration sends call data into Skai so data can be used for conversion-tracking purposes. This integration is available on Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

Kenshoo ad URLs should include the k_clickid=_kenshoo_clickid_. This is necessary for our pixel to match up to existing kenshoo data. You may need to request this from your Kenshoo account manager.


Integration Setup

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Kenshoo.
  2. In the Account Details section, enter your Token and the Server ID or Kenshoo Number. Find the Server ID and Token from your tracking pixel in your Kenshoo account. In the example below, the Server ID or Kenshoo Number is the section highlighted in blue, and Token is the section highlighted in red:<img src="
    &valueCurrency=USD&GCID=&kw=&amp;product=" width="1" height="1">
  3. In the Integration Settings section, you can choose to set conditions for which calls are sent to your Kenshoo account.
    • Minimum call duration: by default, calls of any duration are sent. Use the field to specify a different minimum call duration before calls will be sent to Kenshoo.
    • Call Value: choose a value to assign to every call that is sent.
    • Keypress Requiredif you route your calls through a voice menu, you can choose to have only calls where a certain keypress is selected sent to Kenshoo. (For example, if your callers can press 1 to reach your sales department and you only want those calls in Kensoo, you can specify keypress 1 is required in the settings.)

Once you’ve saved the fields, we will begin sending the details for each of your calls to Skai so you can view calls in conjunction with all of your other conversion metrics.


Field Mapping

The data sent from CTM to Kenshoo is mapped to the following fields in Skai (ex: Skai field: CTM field)

  • date_Time: date time
  • channel_name: tracking source
  • channel_campaign_id: Adwords/Bing campaign id
  • channel_adgroup_id: Adwords/Bing adgroup id
  • channel_keyword_id: Adwords/Bing keyword id
  • conv_type: CTM Call Score Tag
  • quantity: CTM Call length
  • revenue: CTM Call Score Value
  • id: Call id
  • customer_id: caller number
  • promo_code: caller name
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