Integrating CallTrackingMetrics with Acquisio

Acquisio is a performance marketing platform that allows you to manage your search, social, and display campaigns. Connecting CallTrackingMetrics with Acquisio will allow you to manage campaigns in conjunction with call performance.

Acquisio is available on Marketing Pro, Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans. You must be an existing Acquisio account holder to use this integration inside CallTrackingMetrics.

Integration Setup

1) Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Acquisio.
2) Enter your Account Details. (You will need to contact your Acquisio account representative to obtain the FTP credentials.)
3) Under Integration Settings, enter the minimum talk time (in seconds) that you want pulled into Acquisio. Any call length that exceeds the amount entered will automatically appear in Acquisio.
4) Click Save Settings.



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