Troubleshooting Calls with No Audio


Even with call recording enabled in your account, you may see several calls with no associated audio files.  This is often expected, depending on your settings, but can also indicate a problem with your call settings configuration.  This article will go over the most common causes for “no audio” calls.


No Talk Time

Unless you have enabled “Record from Ringing” in your call settings, recordings will only be created for calls that are answered (by a person, automated phone system, or voicemail) and have talk time.  If the call status in the Metrics column shows anything other than “answered,” it is expected that there would be no talk time on the call.

To check the talk time on a call, hover over the “speaker” icon in the call log.  This will show a breakdown of the call by ring time, talk time, and total call duration.  If the talk time shows “0,” that means there was no conversation to record on that call.


Recordings Are Not Enabled

If call recordings are disabled for one or more settings configurations on the account, calls on that tracking number will not be recorded.

To check that recording is enabled for a number, navigate to Numbers → Call Settings and click “edit” next to your call settings configuration (the default is “Account Level,” but you may have more in your account).  In the Recordings section, make sure recordings are set to “on.”

Once this is done, you’ll need to make sure that your tracking numbers are assigned to use these settings.  Click the “edit assigned tracking numbers” button at the very bottom of the page. All tracking numbers in the list on the right are assigned to use the current call settings configuration. If any numbers appear in the list on the left, make sure they are assigned to a call settings configuration that is set to record calls.

Call recordings can also be disabled through some voice menu options or by agents manually toggling recordings during a live call.  If you have set up one of these advanced call recording options, you may need to double-check your menu setup or review which agents are allowed to toggle recordings in your account.

Deleted Audio

Administrators can delete recordings for single calls or in bulk.  Once call recordings have been deleted, they are deleted forever.  Deleted call recordings can never be recovered.  You may need to review which users in your account are allowed to delete recordings.

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