Salesforce – Creating Tasks for Phone Calls

This article covers detailed information regarding the Salesforce integration.  We recommend you start by following the instructions in this article before proceeding. 


There are many benefits to integrating CallTrackingMetrics and Salesforce. One of the most commonly used features is to automatically append calls as activities (tasks) to Lead or Contact records. Once you start sending calls to Salesforce as activities you will then be able to build activity reports in Salesforce that include your calls along with any other tracked activities such as emails or form submissions. This is a great way to see agent productivity and a log of interactions with your Leads and Contacts.

Creating Calls as Tasks

To get started, click Settings –> Integrations –> Salesforce, then click or scroll down to the Task Options section. You will see there are a few conditions you can add when creating these tasks in Salesforce.


  1. To automatically add calls as tasks, toggle the first option to ON.
  2. You can add a condition for sending calls within a specified amount of time to Salesforce. This is a good way to filter out any fast hangups or misdials. We frequently see our customers adding a condition of 60 seconds.
  3. You can customize the subject line that will appear in the Salesforce task.
  4. Select a task status for your calls. Our default is “Completed”.
  5. If you are using custom Task Record Types in Salesforce you can specify the record type here. By default, we will use the standard task object in Salesforce.

Field Mapping

CallTrackingMetrics automatically maps some of the call data (behind the scenes) to your tasks. This includes call duration in seconds, call direction (inbound/outbound), and a link to the call record in CallTrackingMetrics. If would like to fully customize the field mapping and send additional information from the Call Log you can set this up by clicking or scrolling down to Field Mapping and clicking Update Field Mapping.


In the Task Mapping section, toggle this ON (1.) to select the data from the Call Log that you would like to send to the task in Salesforce. You can map additional fields from the CTM Call Log by clicking New Field Mapping (2) and selecting fields in the field in Salesforce where you’d like the data to land.

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