Adding a New Account (Sub-Account)

Some plan types include an unlimited number of sub-accounts to assign to different customers (click here to learn how to check features available on your current plan). You can add a sub-account by navigating to Settings → Accounts, then click New Account in the upper right.

There are a few key pieces of information to get your new sub account created:

  1. Name the account
  2. Choose how you want to bill the charges for the account


In the billing options, you can choose to put the new sub-account on the same available balance and credit card as your Agency.  Or, you can invite your client to enter the credit card for the account, and they will be responsible for their own numbers and minutes.  If the person adding the credit card is not already a user in the account, they will be automatically added with the Billing role.

If you ever need to change the billing option for a sub-account, go to to Settings → Accounts and click the text in the "Balance From" column for that sub account. It will bring up a pop up box where you can remove an account from Agency shared billing or put it on shared billing.

Once the account has been added, you will see it listed on the Accounts page, available from the Settings menu. You can also switch between accounts from this section by clicking on the eyeball next to each account's name in the first column.

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