Post Call Survey

If you want to list whether a call was converted into a sale at the end of the call, you will have to use a call queue. Post-call surveys are available on Sales Engage, Enterprise, Growth, and Connect plans.

In the call queue, there will be a section called Post Call.

By default, we "Hang up the Agent:"

But we can use the drop-down to choose from different options

To get a sale amount into your call log, select "Prompt the agent to determine if a sale was made."


Then, you will want to Save & Activate.

After the caller hangs up, the Agent will hear, "If this call converted, press 1; otherwise, press 2."

When the Agent presses 1, the Agent will hear "enter the dollar amount of this call followed by the pound or hash sign."

After the Agent presses the # sign then the call hangs up.

If the Agent presses 2, then the call hangs up.

Then, in your call log, you will see the name of the Agent who got the call.

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