Post Call Survey

At the end of a call if you want to be able to list if a call was converted as a sale or not you will have to use a call queue.

In the call queue there will be a section called Post Call.

By Default we "Hang up the Agent:"

But we can use the drop down to choose from different options

To get a sale amount into your call log select "Prompt the agent to determine if a sale was made."


Then you will want to Save & Activate.

Now after the caller hangs up the Agent will hear "If this call converted press 1 otherwise press 2."

When the Agent presses 1 the Agent will hear "enter the dollar amount of this call followed by the pound or hash sign."

After the agent presses the # sign then the call hangs up.

If the Agent presses 2 then the call hangs up.

Then in your call log you will see the name of the agent that got the call.

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