Forwarding from a Toll-free number to another Toll-free number

Call forwarding from a toll-free number to another toll-free number often does not work due to the cost structure of toll-free numbering system. When a call comes into a toll-free number, the owner of the toll-free number is responsible for paying the cost of the call. In a regular calling scenario, when a call is coming in from a non-toll-free number to a toll-free number, the billing is very easy to determine. However, when there are multiple toll-free numbers in the call chain, each party tries to pass off the cost to the other party, and often toll-free providers avoid this hassle by rejecting calls from other toll-free numbers.

This behavior is inherent to the toll-free phone number system and is not specific to calls made with CallTrackingMetrics toll-free numbers. Regretfully, CallTrackingMetrics is not able to guarantee all toll-free to toll-free calls will complete successfully. We recommend having CallTrackingMetrics toll-free numbers forwarded to regular long-code numbers in order to receive all incoming calls.


For more information about forwarding click here.


Keep in mind if you have configured your agent profile to use the tracking number as your outbound caller ID.  And you have configured your agent profile to receive calls on your own phone number.  If you call from your own phone number to the tracking number you will here a prompt to either check voicemail or a prompt to make an outbound dial by pressing 1.

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