Associating CTM Agents to Salesforce Users

This article covers detailed information regarding the Salesforce integration.  We recommend you start by following the instructions in this article before proceeding. 

Once you have set up your CallTrackingMetrics account Integration to Salesforce you can associate your CTM agents to users in Salesforce. When you associate the Salesforce user and when the agent receives a phone call their Salesforce user is assigned to the record. This can be useful when the agents take calls they can see the caller as a lead associated with Salesforce. Records will be updated during or after the call.  

The connection between a CallTrackingMetrics agent and a Salesforce user only happens when the call is routed directly to an agent (not a receiving number) or if the call is routed to a queue of agents.

Linking Agents to Salesforce Users

  1. Go to Settings → Manage Users
  2. Find the name of the agent you wish to link to a Salesforce user and click edit next to their name
  3. Use the left-hand navigation or scroll down to the Agent Profile section
  4. Open the Salesforce Agent drop-down menu and begin typing the agent’s Salesforce username
  5. Select the name when it appears
  6. Save Changes


Default Lead Owner

For some call records such as missed calls or form submissions do not automatically have an assigned agent.  You will need to set a default lead owner for these records to be associated to a user in your Salesforce account.

To set the default lead owner:

  1. Navigate to Settings → Integrations → Salesforce, then click or scroll down to the Default Lead Owner section.
  2. Use the Lead Owner Type drop-down menu to select how you wish the default lead owner to be assigned:
    • Default – uses the Salesforce user that set up the integration
    • User – allows you to select a specific user
    • Queue – allows you to select from one of your existing queues of users
  3. If you’ve selected User or Queue use the next drop-down menu to select the user or queue.
  4. Click Update Default Owner to save your changes.


Assign Salesforce Leads to Specific Agents and Users

Leads can be attributed to a specific Salesforce user by mapping an Agent Profile to the correct Salesforce user.

To get started, click Settings > Users, find the User in the list, and click the “Edit” button to the left of their name.

On the left, click "Agent Profile" to scroll to the Agent Profile section.

Under Salesforce User, click the “Type a Salesforce username” drop-down and start typing the Salesforce user’s name, then click on their name to select it.

Make sure and click the “Save changes” button before you leave this screen.

NOTE: The connection between a call agent that handles a call and a Salesforce user being assigned to a Lead only happens if the call is routed directly to an agent (not a receiving number) or if the call is routed through a call queue.



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