Porting Numbers to CallTrackingMetrics

Porting Numbers to CallTrackingMetrics

CTM does offer porting from other countries (when available).  For further information please submit a ticket.  Our Carrier Regulations and Regulatory team will contact you regarding the regulatory paperwork required.

For porting numbers in US and Canada.  Start by selecting create your port request in CTM within the numbers menu, go to:
Numbers > Port Numbers.

Note:  Number(s) should be ported into the account you would like the phone number(s) to reside in. Please do not move numbers between sub-accounts until the porting process has been completed. 

    • Verify the numbers in the port and make sure they are not active receiving numbers.  
    • If one of your port numbers is an active receiving number, please choose an alternate routing method for the associated tracking numbers. 
    • When porting US phone numbers into CTM can take between 2 - 4 weeks to complete 
    • Canadian phone number ports to CTM can take up to 6 weeks.

Step 1:  Navigate to Numbers > Port Numbers


Step 2:  Enter the current carrier's name:


Step 3: Go to Numbers to Port and enter in the Number to Port and the Forward/Receiving Number. Next, assign the tracking source.


If porting multiple numbers, upload a .csv file or manually copy/paste, a .txt file. Add one number per line, including country code e.g. +1, +44 E.164 format, such as +14105550000. Use the following format for columns: number to port, receiving number, tracking source, and account name.  


Step 4:  Enter in the Customer Name that appears EXACTLY from the telephone bill and add the Account PIN.  (Note: If you don't know your Account PIN, contact your current service provider to obtain the CSR information)


Step 5:  Enter the Billing Address. You will want to fill this our EXACTLY  as you see it on your telephone bill.


Step 6: Check each box in the Agreement section. 


Step 7: Select the Continue to Letter of Authorization.

  • There will be a box at the bottom to click for you to sign.


  • Once signed, a green bar will appear: You have completed all required fields. Please click Continue.


  • The continue is found at the top of the page. 577640.png

Select, I Agree

Step 8:  Upload a bill or screen shot showing that you own the number. Then select, Send Proof of Ownership.


Once submitted you will be taken to the port number page where you will see the following:  Our team will review the proof you have provided and will get back to you with more information.  CTM will contact you using email that was used during login.


  • In order to make sure there is no downtime during the port, you should keep your account active with the losing carrier until the number has completely ported over to CTM.
  • Port requests normally take 2-4 weeks to complete.  During this process, CTM will provide updates by email regarding the process for the numbers (approvals, rejections, etc)  along with the scheduled date of the port.
  • For non-mobile phone numbers, please note that SMS can take an extra 2-3 business days to activate because all carriers must update their routing records. Until SMS is ready, your numbers panel will say that "SMS is not supported". Don't be alarmed. SMS will be supported on all ported, non-mobile numbers, but the activation process for SMS may take a few days longer than activation for voice services. 

Reviewing and Updating Port Notes

Updates to your port request can be reviewed by going to Numbers > Port Numbers and clicking on the bubble icon in the notes column. The same updates will be sent to the email address of the user who entered the port request. To add additional email addresses, click the Edit Recipient Emails button (any email addresses added must be associated with a CTM user.)



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